Equine Communication

Equine communication is an exchange of energetic vibration. Images, emotions, thoughts and sensations are received telepathically. Through focussed Intuition it is possible to experience a deep empathy with your horse's unique personality. Creating this deep  connection within the Subtle Body allows the horse to share an empathic communication and opens an instinctual awareness of any physiological or emotional concerns.

During a Reading the horses are fully aware of my presence and many find great relief in sharing burdens from the past. As fully conscious beings horses experience all the emotions we humans are so familiar with..

Trauma of any kind whether physical or emotional will leave it's mark within the energy body of the horse and appears obvious when connecting at this energetic level. Many horses are deeply moved to be given the opportunity and means to unburden themselves of past trauma allowing for a gentle release of any negativity which may be affecting them.

This form of subtle communication brings with it a responsibility to be authentic and clear of egotistical desires and is not a tool to be used lightly.



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